Tying the Cord
Celtic Style

The cord is wrapped thrice around the couple's Clasped hands.

Infinity Style

The cord is wrapped across your hands, one side loops around one
partners hands and the other side loops around the other partners
hands and meets back on top to be knotted. So the cords are also
formed into an infinity symbol.

Clasping Hands

Option 1

Face each other and clasp both hands right to right and left to left so
your hands make an infinity symbol. Using this option, the cords
should be removed before the end of the ceremony.

Option 2

Face each other and clasp one hand, either right to right or left to left.
This option allows your other hand to be free for the loving cup or
lighting a candle.

Option 3

Standing next to each other, your hands are bound as you hold hands.
You can remain bound until you can run off to consummate the
handfasting. This makes the reception interesting.

More info coming soon.
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