True Blue Love
Handfasting Cord

Strands of white cording are
woven with blue braided trim.
The center has a pewter heart
and the ends are adorned
with ceramic and seed beads.
For a love as beautiful as the
Blue Ridge Mountains.
Golden Celtic Goddess
Handfasting Cord

A silver and black Celtic
Jacquard ribbon wrapped with
golden trim and copper ribbon
is this base of this design. A
gold-toned pewter goddess
charm is at the center with
strands of carnelian
gemstones anchored with
gold-toned tree of life charms.
including US
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Natural Balance
Handfasting Cord

Strands of hand-dyed silk,
cording and trim in shades of
green and purple are woven
together with a silver pentacle
at the center. Strands of jade,
amethyst, and bells are
anchored with a flower
goddess and greenman.
including US
including US
Flight of Fantasy  
Handfasting Cord

Ivory braided trim is woven
with lilac and silver cording for
this light whimsical cord. The
center is adorned with two
pewter butterflies. The ends
are finished with bolo tips and
strands of glass beads.
Transformative & elegant.
$74.00 including
US shipping
Passionate Love
Handfasting Cord

Five strands of braided trim
and cording in pink, orange,
red, purple, and white are
woven together with a pewter
heart at the center. Strands of
opals are anchored with
pewter spirals. For a
passionate love.
including US
Christian Celtic
Handfasting Cord

Six strands of green, white,
and black ribbon and cording
in are woven together with a
large silver Celtic cross
adorning the center. Strands
of malachite gemstones finish
the ends.
including US
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